A terrified cow sheds tears when she found out what was going on

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Emma, the cow, with her wide and watery eyes,  looked terrified and there’s no question or doubt that she’s afraid. Neuroscientists have declared that animals have consciousness and emotions. A quick glimpse to Emma’s past is enough to break anyone’s heart. She has never had the chance to live naturally with a herd. She was raised for her meat only.

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When the owners of a dairy farm faced bankruptcy, they decided to shut it down. The last 25 cows of the herd faced a sad fate; slaughter. Animal lovers refused to let these animals face that fate and saved their lives. “We founded an association together with the farmer, whom we won over with the idea for our project,”  the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg sanctuary explains. “The association’s goal is to create a sanctuary, so they may continue living in their familiar surroundings, under best animal welfare conditions, hopefully until the natural end of their lives.”

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Thankfully, we are grateful for the sanctuary, Emma has been given one of the greatest gifts ever; freedom and belonging. Thanks to human compassion, Emma now can expect a new life of freedom. She, who has never lived with a herd, meets her new family for the first time. Emma, finally found a place where she can live with no fear, where she can enjoy the feeling of belonging.

Emma’s life, thankfully, has a dramatic change. From a cow who was about to be slaughtered and used for meat, to a free animal walking in farms and grass land, enjoying nature, enjoying being among a herd.

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