A tragic story about a dog who tries to save her owner’s life, but now she is fighting for her own.


This story is simply showing that dogs are man’s best friend, and also these stories proves that there is nothing precious than having a dog in home. This story is simply showing how amazing and loyal dogs are. The story of Carmen is very touching, what she did for her owner was very precious, she saved his life and now she is fighting for her own!

It all started when a fatal house fire happened while both the dog and his owner were inside of it. The boxer dog tried her best to drag her owner outside the flat, but when the firefighters found them; they found the boxer dog lying over her owner’s face, all what Carmen was trying to do is to protect her owner from the smoke and flames.

It’s very heartbreaking that the owner passed away; he was taken immediately to the hospital. But Carmen was placed in the vet hospital, on a ventilator, and now she is fighting for her life. Thankfully, doctors said that the dog is doing well, but it is a very critical condition, and if the dog was not on that ventilator, she would have definitely passed away in a moments.

Carmen is a real hero, the poor dog is now struggling for her life, as the doctors said, she is interacting with people around her, she is trying her best, she is having lots of pain in every breath she is taking, and the vets are now giving her everything they could to save her precious life. It’s a tough task, you can see how she is hardly breathing, and her eyes are red! Carmen now is receiving medications through an IV. We are hoping for this amazing hero to heal and recover as soon as possible.


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