A true love between a cat and a dog through the window.


Love is endless between animals, especially cats and dogs, we thought for years that they are enemies, but this story showed the real truth. The owner of a dog noticed a very weird thing that their dog do daily, he was always looking to someone in the window next door, like he was really in love with it. Surprisingly, it’s a CAT. As the dog’s owner said, the dog is sitting for long times staring at something, like there is something special that he looks at. It seems that the doggie is in love. Surprisingly, one day things changed, the dog came to the window like he does every day but he didn’t see it. The dog turned out to be very sad, and they noticed how their dog was broken. So the owners of the dog decided to do something great for him. They put on their window for few days this message that you will see in the photos. The message was really cute.

Isn’t it adorably cute? What happened next was more and more amazing; the way that the cat’s owner replied to the message was incredibly amazing; they moved the potters, and then the let the cat to sit again at the window. Finally, the window was clear and the dog is seeing his favorite friend again, and they wrote a message saying “For True Love”, the dog’s excitement was back, he sat beside the window like he is doing every day to watch his beloved friend.

What I liked most is that true love was not only between the cat and the dog; it was only between the neighbors. It’s amazing how they are sweet to each other. What they did to their pets proved that they own hearts of gold.


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