A U.S. soldier adopts dog that saved his life.


Wow!  Stop what you are doing and watch this video!  Amazing is an understatement.  Julian is a dog trainer who worked with Layka to find bombs; Layka was shot and ultimately lost one of her front legs.  Julian and his family adopted her when she retired from the Armed Forces, and this is their story told by Julian. While Layka, the U.S. military combat dog, was serving in Afghanistan, she was shot for four times, she was injured hard, which lead that she lost her leg, it took a 7 hours surgery but she was saved. The surprising thing is that besides her injury, she attacked the shooter so she could save her team members.



Julian then, decided that it’s the simplest thing to do for her after she saved his life, he really fought hard to adopt her, and he finally made it. You will see pictures of Julian and his family and how they have welcomed Layka into their family.  You will see video footage of Layka in the field training.  Layka is an amazing dog, in this video you will see how Sgt. Julian’s family is happy for having Layka, his son and daughter interacting with her and playing with her happily. It’s a story of loyalty and love between a man and his dog; nothing is more precious and amazing in life than having a loving and a loyal dog. When you are done watching the video, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.