A Vet Shot A Cat With An Arrow, And Finally She Is Getting Punished!

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Killing or abusing animals is the worst thing ever, and it’s even worse to know or read about it. This cute cat was shot and killed by a vet. The killer thought that she will escape by what she did, but animal’sactivists are fighting now for Tiger’s justice, all what kind hearted people and animal activists want is the justice for Tiger the cat. Thankfully, this week we have some news that will warm your heart.

It all started when Kristen Lindsey who is supposed to be a vet who saves animals, had posted a photo in April, holding a cat shot with an arrow, she was holding the arrow while the cat was dangling from the end, and as she mentioned, it was her “first bow kill”, like it’s a pride to kill an animal! Vet Kristen Lindsey is not allowed to work as a vet anymore after it was known that she is the one behind killing a cat named Tiger with a bow and arrow. Is That Enough?Is it ok to shoot cats? Is that enough penalty for her? Cananyone shoot a cat and get away with it? A grand jury had decided to bring Kristen Lindsey to trial late in June, and the case is still open, and it’s not announced yet what will be the sanctions of her deed, but it was expected to be announced in next October.


On the other hand, the Texas Veterinary Medical Examiners Board, which is powerful enough to give a license to a vet, said that Lindsey had broken the rules of the job very badly and she shouldn’t work as a vet after what she did. The “Justice For Tiger” and “Animal Legal Defense Fund” worked their best to make sure that Lindsey wouldn’t escape with her deed.

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