A wildlife photographer set up a GoPro camera to capture owls in her yard.

2-12-2015 12-06-15 AM

The wildlife photographer, Megan Lopez, gave us that chance to see those amazing owls; she set up a GoPro camera in her own front yard, and the camera captured the owls that are coming into the yard. The video really shows their cuteness. The owl’s moves are real like dancing. Megan left the house and left the camera on, there was only one owl, but later a second owl joined his friend. The owls are playing, dancing, and having fun. It’s one of the best videos to see today, and the music is amazing.

2-12-2015 12-06-31 AM

Who can’t love owls? They are one of the best birds and it includes more than 200 species and about 19 in North America, owls are large, broad head. Maybe owls’ species are different in sizes and colors but they all share the same features; they can turn their heads for more than 270 degree, binocular vision and binaural hearing, their shapes and colors are amazing. Owls’ length start from 13 cm till it reaches 84 cm.

2-12-2015 12-07-14 AM

So have you ever thought about watching owls? Most of us got the idea before to watch owls, If you really want to go on an owl watching, first, you have to reach the place that owls are living in, and don’t forget to look at it at a late time because as you know, owls are night birds, and also choose a space that doesn’t have lots of trees so you can see the owl clearly. You also have to dress warmly, and don’t forget to take some warm drinks and snacks, a blanket and chairs to sit on. Folding chairs are ideal for seating, and now it’s time to set up your bird watching expedition. Then, be patient, stay watching, and you will see owls coming by and you will find that you can.