A Woman Says “Haters Gonna Hate” After Doing This To Her Dog

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A woman thought that it is funny and a real good idea to spend seven hours painting her dog! She found that it is a cool idea and she is making him more special!! She believes that only haters will hate seeing this and that what will make her famous.


“Haters gonna hate and make me famous.” Summer Wilson wrote on her Facebook account.

Wilson obviously seems, so proud of what she has done to her model dog, Fiona. What a creation! What a design!


The model dog, Fiona, appears less than enthused about being her canvas theme. She is seen in a video posted on Facebook looking downright sheepish with her tail tucked so firmly between her legs, and for me this is not a sign of being happy!


Despite that, Wilson insists that Fiona has spent good times sitting still for seven hours to be dabbed with a paintbrush for the sake of satisfying a human’s weird project.

“What started as just a coloring of the legs has turned into one of the most exciting looks of the year for creative,” Wilson wrote on a grooming website. “Ask any colorist with an empty canvas and a bit of extra time, what happens. You keep going and filling your canvas! Fiona enjoyed the extra attention and stood the entire time unrestrained on the table.”


Wilson says that she used a paintbrush and dye called OPAWZ which is touted safe for dogs, but that didn’t stop more than 300 people from signing a petition condemning Wilson’s paint project.

“Toxic or not, she would have had to restrain the dog for seven hours,” says Amy Klein, who works with several animal welfare organizations including Bark Avenue Foundation “And getting the paint off? To me, that’s animal cruelty.”


OPAWZ Facebook page is posting a gallery of dogs who don’t have a clue how silly they look. Do these look like happy dogs to you?

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