A woman told chimp that she lost her baby; the chimp’s response is unbelievable!

Chimpanzees are among the most fascinating wild animals. They are truly a wonder of creation.
This story shows us how amazing they are, it is beyond words how intelligent, compassionate and friendly these animals are!
The story is that of Washoe, which was a chimp who was taught communication through sign language. Washoe, as you’re about to see, was an incredibly emotionally intelligent chimp.
When one of her caretakers, Kat, returned after she took time off work because she had a miscarriage, Washoe was at first upset with Kat for leaving her for a long time. But then, Kat decided to open up to Washoe, and as she apologized, she signed to Washoe, “My baby died.”

Washoe’s reaction was amazing! She looked at Kat and then signed, “cry”, while tracing the path of a tear on her face. It was amazing because chimps don’t actually shed tears. That simple gesture showed how intelligent Washoe actually is.

As it turns out, Washoe has also lost two of her children before, which left her with feelings of sadness. However, her caretakers decided that they wanted her to experience motherhood, so they brought her an orphaned ten months old chimp named Loulis. When they told her they were bringing her a baby, she was extremely excited. But at first, when she saw Loulis, she was disappointed because she expected they have brought one of her dead babies back. However, after a day has passed, Washoe and Loulis formed a very tight bond, and from then on, she became dedicated to him. Fascinatingly enough, she even started teaching him sign language! It took Loulis only 8 days to start signing his first words and communicating with humans.
It is such a lovely story, I am in love with chimps and their huge amount of emotions and ability to learn.
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