A woman was asked if she has a dog when was seen with dog food, see her response!


This is hilarious! It’s a good joke, and the way that the woman seemed to tell it to everyone is believable! It all starts with a woman that owns 2 dogs, and she was buying a large bag of Purina food for them. As she stood in the line for the checkout, a woman behind her asked her a question, that for most of us didn’t seems so logical, but she did. A woman asked her if she has a dog, and the answer was hilarious and unexpected. The woman who had the two dogs, to answer the question, said no, that she doesn’t have a dog. She said that she was starting the Purina diet again, that she lost 50 pounds the last time she tried it, but she also mentioned that she probably shouldn’t start it hence she ended up in the hospital the last time.

She also told the woman that the diet is perfect, and the way it works was filling your pockets with the food and whenever you feel hungry, you just start eating one or two.

The woman mentioned that by that point, everyone in the line was so interested and freaked out by her story, especially a guy that was behind her.

The woman who asked the question was freaking out, and she asked if the reason she ended up in the hospital was because she was poisoned, she told her no, and that it was because she was sniffing a poodle’s ass, and she got hit by a car.

The woman mentioned that a man was about to have a heart attack from the amount of laughter he was letting out.

How hilarious is that? That woman is awesome! Her joke made my day, and you should try it out one day if someone ever asked you that question. Don’t forget to share the hilarious joke with your family and friends.