A women sings a lullaby to her sick pig.

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Now this is so sweet, what this owner did to her pig is very kind. Meet Bentley, the 9 months old pig, Sadly, In February, Bentley the pig was very ill, he was near death, the vet diagnosed his case that he has a rare bacterial meningitis, it was very shocking to the owner to know that her beloved pig only has a 10% chance to live.

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The owner refused to give up on her pig, she said that her pig has an incredible fighting spirit, he is not like any other, and she said that despite this bacterial meningitis left him blind, he is a fighter.
Later, Bentley the pig had a surgery, so we are praying that it will be the last one, everyday his owner visits him, and she hugs him and starts to sing this lullaby and it comforts him.

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Pigs are cute and funny, they are adorable pets, and as it seems in the video, it’s amazing to own them with other pets. Also they are clean and neat; they are not like what some people think. Pigs’ life span is about 20 years on average. They are very playful, full of energy, and intelligent. But they need some special help. So, if it’s your first time to own a cute pig pet, check first if it’s legal in your region and if it’s a yes, we will help you figure it out, and let you know what you should do and how to get prepared.
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