Abandoned Dog Is Alone In Hot Desert Till Rescuers Do That… To Save Her!

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Hope For Paws received a call about a white German Shepherd that had been abandoned in the dessert. The dog was living in a desert outside Los Angles, California.

For Four months Barbie Henderson, Robin Smith and Tracy McDaneld had been feeding the dog and trying every possible thing they could to save her! After exhausting every attempt to save her, they called for the help of Hope For Paws.

Venus, the dog, was aware of humans and she wouldn’t allow anyone to approach her or even get closer! They had tried every trap to attract her but they failed!

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With temperature above 100 Fahrenheit, they were running out of time to help poor Venus.

They had to ask for Dr. Scott Amsel to help them darting her using a tranquilizer gun as a last solution! After shooting her, they immediately ran after her to make sure they didn’t lose her! After two minutes of running, the tranquilizer took effect and Venus collapsed.

Lisa Arturo, Dr. Amsel, Barbie and Robin rushed Venus to the mobile vet unit. After she was stable they rushed her to a motel.

By the following morning Venus became more relaxed!

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It was just in time to save Venus and taking her away from the life in desert and head to Los Angeles. She had the best bath that she was in a desperate need to have!

Venus looks completely different like if she is a new dog. She is such a strong and beautiful girl who survived the cruel life in hot desert!

Share the story of Venus survival with your family and friends to help her find a forever home!