Accident Victim Pup Is Thrown At The Roadside As Garbage Until Angels Show Up For His Rescue

Lawson is a pup, who had been through more than a one-year-old pup can bear. A speedy car hit this little dog and caused him to live paralyzed for the rest of his life. He had to search for food in the garbage, dragging his destroyed back legs behind!

Although the poor pup’s knees and legs soon grew scraped, he continued his struggle to survive. It is difficult to imagine how life could suddenly become much harder even for a stray dog. This desperate pup had to deal with his terrible condition all by himself. He had been completely forgotten and neglected. With nobody around to take care of him, he was losing his life. He went to sleep every night, expecting it to be his last.

One beautiful day, Lawson woke up and realized that there were kindhearted people who cared for him. Thanks to the amazing people at He’Art of Rescue, he had another chance in life. When those amazing people found out about him, they decided to do all they can do to save this pup’s precious life. Lawson’s story completely changed when rescuers went to him while he was sleeping, particularly since the moment when they told him to “wake up.”

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Lawson was all alone and homeless, and all he wanted was some food!

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Youtube / He’Art of Rescue

It is hard to imagine what could be worse than being homeless, this story demonstrates that it CAN get worse, being homeless and a victim of a hit and run accident.  The driver left him alone to die.

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Lawson could not walk, and was in constant pain after his back legs were completely destroyed. The helpless dog was so scared.

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With a brave will to survive, Lawson was dragging himself around to find food, but this was rubbing his skin off.

Unfortunately, nobody cared for the helpless dog. Eventually, he lay in the hot sun surrendering to death, for three days.


Lawson was starving, and it seemed like he would eventually lose his life. One night he fell asleep, probably expecting he would never wake up, but when he opened his eyes, he found a man standing beside him. From then, Lawson’s life changed forever!


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Lawson got new legs and does not have to suffer the pain of dragging himself anymore!

Watch the incredible video below, and do not miss the happy ending!

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