Adorable Labrador Retriever puppy takes care of a tiny newborn baby!

Babies are known to form an amazing and mysterious bond with their family dogs. It seems that these canines know how fragile little babies are. Therefore, they do everything they can just to be as gentle as possible around babies all the time. The video below is a pure example of this kind of relationships firsthand!

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At the time this video was captured, little Elarose was only 3 weeks old. However, right after Elarose’s arrival to this world, she had the chance to make a friend for life. Safely, Elarose’s parents introduced her to their adorable Labrador puppy, who fell in love with the cute little girl from day one!

Obviously, this beautiful puppy loves his human sister so much that he will not mind acting as a big pillow for her when she needs some support. With mom close to these two best friends to ensure everything was fine, she was able to capture this priceless moment on camera. Of course, we are so happy that we have the chance to see these best buds together!

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As the below video shows, Elarose makes a few squeaks and squiggles, but her adorable little friend does not seem to mind at all. I hope that Elarose’s parents  keep capturing more of these pretty precious moments as these amazing cuties grow up through the years. With such a beginning, there will be no doubt that they are going to be best friends.

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