Africa’s Most Famous Lion Killed By American Dentist, For Trophy Hunting!

If you go to Google and look up the list of endangered species worldwide, you will be so surprised by the huge amount of animals that are in that list, and the list is growing by a very quick and alarming rate. The lion species is marked as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. But sadly, those facts are not enough to stop cruel acts against lions.


Here is the sad story that has been making headlines of how Cecil, Africa’s most famous lion and a 13 year old black-maned, was killed recklessly and cruelly by an American dentist who was simply looking for a trophy to take back home.

The man, who has been identified as Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, has paid over 50 thousand dollars to travel to Zimbabwe and shoot the lion. After investigations, it appeared that Palmer hired two locals who helped him lure the lion out of the Zimbabwe National Parks, where he shot it with a bow and arrow.

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The arrow failed to kill the lion right away and Cecil suffered for 40 hours before he was shot with a rifle, and his head was cut off and he was skinned.

Luckily, the researchers at Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University were able to track the lion down and his remains were retrieved.

The landowner and one of the men who helped Palmer are now under arrest. As for Palmer, who was revealed to be a notorious and cruel bounty hunter for wild animals, remains in hiding.


We sure mourn the loss of Cecil, who was a major tourist attraction and who left behind 24 unprotected offspring who face the danger of being killed by other lions in the park.

We hope this cruel man is caught and presented with the right punishment. Share this heartbreaking story with your family and friends.