After 20 years of cruel captivity, he is finally free


Although the use of wild animals has been banned in circuses in Peru since 2011, this law has not been obeyed by all circuses. Animal Defenders International kept tracking the defying circuses in order to remove all the wild animals. Recently, ADI got a tip about a circus which, illegally, is still keeping a lion and operating in a remote area in northern Peru.


A rescue mission set out to save Mufasa who spent almost all of his life chained in the back of a truck. As rescuers were met with resistance, wildlife and police officers participated in the rescue mission. Finally, after a dramatic stand-off for 8 hours, the circus was cornered and the big cat was handed over.


After living in cruel captivity for 20 years, Mufasa is now free.  He was part of a roadside circus in Peru since his capture as as a cub 20 years ago.  He is now finally freed from the heavy shackles and harness that were around his body for so many years.


In a plan to get him back to a new natural home, Mufasa was first brought to the rescue center for several months to regain his health.  Afterwards, he was transported to the Amazon rain-forest. Surrounded by his natural habitat, he can now enjoy freedom for the rest of his days, spending them in peace and tranquility.

Watch Mufasa’s journey from chains to nature.

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