After 4 years of passing away, the polar bear now has an adorable half-brother.



How awesome are polar bears? Well, a lot.

Meet Knut, the polar bear that took over the internet in 2007 because of his cuteness was just too much. Knut is a polar bear that was rejected by his mother, but thankfully, Berlin Zoological Center in Germany took him in, and they nursed him very well. Knut the Polar bear was the center of attention in the Berlin Zoological Garden, everyone came especially to see him, but that was before he sadly passed away at the age of 4.


Four years later, Knut gets a half-brother! Knut’s father, Lars, and his mate, Vilma, gave birth to another polar bear, and let me tell you, he’s adorable. He looks exactly like Knut, and he is healthy as ever. He was born the last December at the Rockstock zoo. The polar bear cub is yet to be named, and even though he wouldn’t be able to leave his den until March, everyone was getting ready to go and meet Knut’s brother. I definitely wouldn’t mind going to meet the Polar bear cub, although by now, he is probably a big guy. I hope he has a perfect healthy life.


Polar bears are my favorite kind of bears; however, I’d rather not go near one if I ever encountered them. Polar bears aren’t exactly human friendly, and even though they would rather escape than fight, they would attack a human if provoked. But, due to the lack of interaction with humans, they would kill and eat a human if hungry, hungry polar bears are unpredictable and they are fearless. Polar bears’ lifespan is 25 years; they rarely live beyond 25 years. An adult polar bear male is called a boar, and an adult female is called a sow.


When polar bears are born, they are blind, and they weigh less than 0.9 kg, and polar bear litter is, on average, has two cubs. In other words, I know polar bears are so adorable, but just don’t go near them.