After 60 years of wanting a dog, this man’s wish is finally fulfilled!


Nothing is more amazing than having a puppy as a gift, it’s very heartwarming, it’s like your life is changing in a second, and this is what happened in this video, when the life of Mrs. Jessica Santana’ grandfather changed in second. Jessica is preparing the most incredibly, awesome surprise for her grandfather. As she said, her grandparents have been married for more than sixty years, and she once heard her grandfather talking about his idea of having a dog, she started to work on that, all what she wanted is to fulfill her grandfather’s wish. She convinced her grandmother who actually didn’t like the idea of having a dog in her home, but finally, she agreed and liked the idea. Well done Jessica, you convinced her, the mission is done, and now it’s time to prepare it all.

Jessica’s grandfather loved bulldog puppies already; it wasn’t hard for Jessica to find one on the internet. Now, it was that day that they brought a little bulldog puppy, Jessica’s grandmother held it and surprised her husband. He was full of happiness, his eyes shed some happy tears, and it was indescribable and joyful. They named the dog Beau. Now, Jessica says that her grandfather said that he is completely in love with the dog, he is very happy with him, and also her grandmother, and also we all are in love with this dog, and this incredible joyful moment.

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