After a year of being caged, this baby Orangutan is finally rescued

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This is one of the most heartbreaking stories you will ever come across. International Animal Rescue, a nonprofit animal rescue organization based in the United Kingdom and the United States and operating in Asia among other parts of the world, recently rescued a baby Orangutan. This little Orangutan has been locked up in a chicken cage by his previous heartless owner. He was kept locked up for about a year, feeding on nothing but condensed milk, and slowly getting more and more weak and frail with every passing day of neglect, malnutrition and inability to develop his limbs normally.

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Luckily, however, the International Animal Rescue organization was able to rescue this poor baby from the horrible conditions he was living in before it was too late. After he was brought in to the shelter, they named their new little friend Budi. In the video you will see how much his previous conditions of life have affected him. He can’t sit up or even feed on his own, and his limbs are swollen due to his severe malnutrition. He is in huge pain and is struggling with every move. However, our boy Budi is a strong little one! He is more than willing to take this second chance at life and grow up to live a happy life. We know he deserves this much!
With the care he is receiving, we all have high hopes for Budi. Soon he will be better and more active, he is already making progress!
Orangutan is an endangered species of apes, they are native to Indonesia and Malaysia, but are currently found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. They are considered one of the most intelligent species of apes and are always the subject of many studies for their especially intelligent behavior.

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