After being 3 weeks away, she returns home. But look closely at her horse when he realizes it


There is not  much information about this video. A user named “lucky hoof” back in 2008 uploaded it on YouTube. It shows a woman who had returned home after a long vacation for three weeks, out of her town. She was only thinking of one thing, her reunion with her adorable, beloved horse.

Scroll down to find out how their reunion went!

The video shows a horse with an amazing purple coat, grazing in the pasture. At the beginning, the horse does not realize who calls him, but in few seconds, the beautiful horse stands, alert, without moving a muscle. It seems like the magnificent creature realizes that it is his best friend who is calling him by the gate from afar!


Once the horse sees his beloved owner, things take an adorable turn. In excitement, the horse gallops over to his owner in an incredibly heartwarming scene. It seems clear that they both share a very special bond.

Most horse owners would love their own horses to greet them just like this. When horse owners watched this video, they met it with a pretty jealous feeling. One stated this comment on the video, “I love seeing this kind of videos on YouTube, with a horse that actually wants to follow its owner and be around her and trusts her, and it looks like a very well-mannered horse as well.”


Actually, any animal lover could not agree more. Although the clip is very short, it seems that there is something about this particular horse that I believe you will fall in love with.

Scroll down to watch the adorable video below!

Note: please be patient, as the camera shake gets better after few seconds.

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