After being apart for two years, man and his beloved pooch finally reunite!

It is truly amazing how much things can change in a short life span of two years. However, when you know the story of this man and his adorable pup, you will find out how we could change in every single way while staying exactly the same!

Jose was going through a very rough time two years ago. He and his wife were dealing with a divorce, he was unable to get a job, and as if things can’t get worse, he ended up homeless after he could not afford his mortgage. Although Jose had to live in his car and was short on cash, he did not give up on his beloved dog, Chaos. While everything else seemed to be going terribly wrong in his life, Jose could always count on Chaos, his sweet pooch who was always giving him solace and kisses.

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When things began getting a bit better for Jose, he had to give his precious pup away to a friend of a friend. Giving Chaos away truly hit the very bottom of his loving owner, even when he was sure that it was just a matter of time until they could reunite. Unfortunately, Jose had received heartbreaking news from the person who Chaos was living with.

When Jose eventually got back up on his feet, he knew that his pup was lost.

Fortunately, Chaos has been found on the street and brought into a shelter. When the pup’s microchip was scanned, it led back to Jose, Chaos’s rightful owner, who could not believe the great news when he received the call about his lost precious pup.

Thanks to the incredibly brilliant idea of Lost Pet Network and the amazing people who work at the Winnebago County Animal Services, happy reunions like this amazing one became possible. You can check out their Instagram and Twitter , and please donate to them anything you can, if you love to help a worthy animal cause!

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Petsfans 0047 - 1 Image Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services

Although Chaos was in a new home with the person who Jose gave him to, he was missing his dad so much. I would love to believe that when Chaos escaped, he was trying to find the man who had raised him since he was a little puppy. Luckily for both Chaos and the devastated owner, animal control caught him.

Petsfans 0047 - 2 Image Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services

One day, a man came and took Chaos outside, who, surprisingly, smelled a familiar smell out there. There was one man who looked much like his old human. It has been so long since Chaos saw his dad that it simply could not possibly be him, but once he smelled his hand, he found out that he was truly his beloved human.

Petsfans 0047 - 3 Image Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services

Chose could sense it within moments. He finally found his first human after long years of being apart. This is definitely his dad. As long as Chaos is with Jose, he is in his forever home, and he does not care if he would even sleep in the car again!

Petsfans 0047 - 4 Image Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services

Fortunately, things became much better for Jose in these two years. He has a job now, he can afford living in a home with a roof above his head, and he even got another dog as an attempt to deal with the loss.

Although Jose was afraid that having another pooch could cause some trouble, it seems that it will be just fine with the two pups!

Petsfans 0047 - 5Image Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services

We hope that Chaos will live the happy life he deserves with the whole family through the years to come.

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