After “crazy dog lady” was away for a 3 weeks trip, her dogs welcomed her like this.

After crazy dog lady was away for a 3 weeks trip, her dogs welcomed her like this.

When you go away from your home for any reason for a long period of time, it’s amazing to return back home to see how your dog will greet you, everyone loves it when their dogs welcome them when they return back home. It’s very heartwarming to receive such a welcoming full of kisses. But what happened here is not a normal thing at all. This lady is a “crazy dog lady” she is very well-known with her endless love for dogs, and she has more than 10 dogs as you see in this video, can you count them? When the lady returned back home after 3 weeks of being away, the most amazing reunion happen, all the dogs were greeting their owner with their sweet barks and their fluffy wagging tails, it was like a shower of kisses. We can call this the happiest, the cutest, and the prettiest reunion ever.

It’s amazing how this women loves dogs that much, I wonder how much time it takes to care for all of these dogs, but whatever the effort she is making for her furry friends, it turned out to be the most adorable thing ever after this amazing reunion.

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I wonder what made this lady become crazy for dogs. Simply, dogs’ world is way better than humans’ world. Every day, dogs present to us many examples of loyalty and faithfulness; they keep on defending, loving, and caring about their owners and for their friends. If you think that dogs become like this because they need a reward, think again. The relation between a dog and human is not ruled with needs; it comes from the nature of dogs itself. Even if you stayed away for a while, your dog’s love for you will still be the same. They live by the bond of love and loyalty.