After diagnosed with Alzheimer disease, she found a new companion that will change her life.

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Dogs are not also cute pets to have fun with, dogs teach us how to face our fears and get over all the difficulties. June Anderson has Alzheimer disease, it’s a degenerative disorder that attacks the brain and causes loss memory. Her husband found something that will be the perfect companion for his wife. Sadie is a dog. June’s husband thought that he will be her new best friend, and her kind companion, but first they have to meet, and see how they will interact and how they will get along. Sadie’s trainer came to the house, Sadie was so happy to see the new family, and for Mrs. Anderson, she was really happy. It’s just the bond that was created at once; she played with Sadie and started to cuddle.

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The new researches show that pets are good for people who are diseased with Alzheimer, having a pet has so many benefits like increasing the production of happy hormones, lowering the blood pressure, and reducing stress and depression. Aren’t pets the best companions ever?

Dogs move all our pain, and help us get better, watch this video of a dog who is having a water therapy gave a chance to this senior husky to walk again, it’s very priceless. Don’t miss also to watch this video of a therapy pit bull dog that has a secret you will be shocked to know.


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