After her dog was lost for 2 months, Rose and ILY had the most touching reunion ever!

1-26-2015 6-03-13 PM

It brought lots of tears to my eyes; it’s a very horrible accident, a very tragic disappearance, and a very touching reunion. The owner and her dog were accidently separated after a tragic car crash when she was driving on a highway. The woman and her dog were thrown through the windshield; the photos of the crash are totally horrible. I am glade that this woman and her dog are still alive. Rose went to hospital immediately after the accident, but her dog ILY (I Love You) ran in her fear and sadly she disappeared into the dessert. Shockingly, there was another dog with Rose, who died after the accident.

It was very hard on her, if she could, she would go look for her by herself, but sadly Rose was under the treatment, she was sitting in a wheel chair and she couldn’t move. The story went viral, people did their best to help Rose and search for ILY, even strangers who actually didn’t know her were there for help, and they helped in searching for the lost dog or praying for her to find her little girl. After two months and three days of searching for the lost dog, she was found alive in the Arizona dessert, thankfully she survived. Then, this miraculous reunion took place. Rose was crying, she didn’t believe it that finally ILY was back after that long time. Apparently ILY had lost a lot of weight but the dog was in a good shape.

The reunion was very emotional and touching, you will shed so many tears after watching it. Nothing is harder than losing your pet and nothing is more amazing than being reunited with it. I am very thankful that they are finally back together.

After her dog was lost for 2 months, Rose and ILY had the most touching reunion ever!

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