After more than 10 attempts to take this dog out of the well, he was finally rescued! It’s very inspiring!

After more than 10 attempts to take this dog out of the well, he was finally rescued! It's very inspiring

It’s the most amazing rescue that I’ve ever seen in my life, those people are very human and patient, and this dog is very intelligent. I think the only moral we can learn from this story is to never give up, keep on trying till you reach the top. It’s very inspiring, happy tears will flow down from your eyes.

The story starts when this dog fell down in the deep well, but his screams and cries brought help for him. When those people listened to him, they saw how he was about to die. So they decided to help him. They brought a rope down, the dog was smart enough to understand that he should tug on it, which is very hard to lift him up that way, the first try failed, then the second, then the third, all the attempts were completely hopeless efforts. Each time they lift the dog up, he falls again and again, and it hurts to see him fall again when he was so close to the top. But those humane people didn’t give up on him, and he didn’t give up on survival. Each time the dog fell, he grabbed the rope again and tried. Till the dog made a difference this time, he grabbed the rope and used his paws, he climbed the wall of the well while tugging the rope. Thankfully, they saved him; he was rescued and dragged to safety.

It took about three minutes, and more than 5 times of failure, but they were all strong enough to save the dog. Thankfully, the dog wasn’t injured, he was wagging his tail happily because he was finally rescued, but he seemed to be very tired, he wants to get warmed up and relax after the effort he did. I am very thankful for those humane people who didn’t give up on this dog and did their best to save him.