After serving in the military for 8 years as a bomb sniffing dog, it’s time to reward him…

That dog saved thousands of lives

Dogs are helping humans with their abilities, and here is Kay, a bomb-sniffing dog who had just retired, he served in the military for 8 years. He was so brave in doing his job, and he found bombs wherever he went. Kay, the black Labrador dog, was the reason behind saving thousands of soldiers, he gave his life to his country, and it’s time to get him rewarded.

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Kay have a tumor in his heart, he needs a lifesaving surgery. He needs about 6 thousand dollars, his friend used the social media networks and internet to help the dog, he created a campaign to raise money; and surprisingly more than 6,000 dollars were raised as donation for the dog. He was so glad that he finally could help his friend, he said “He never left me back then, so I will never leave him now”, he believed that his dog needs to live a normal life like any other dog, after all the danger he was in, and the owner also believes that it’s his duty to save his faithful dog.

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The donations had exceeded the money that was needed for the surgery, his owner decided that if they collected money that exceeds 6,000, he will use the rest on his dog and medications and checkups.

There are so many touching videos of military dogs; they are strong, well-trained and gentle. Watch this video of a military dog that was rewarded after working for 8 years in bomb sniffing, his story is very touching. Also don’t miss to read the story of Justin Rollins, the hero who had left a mark after his death, you will shed so many tears after reading it.