After she was badly injured and left to die, Savanna is having a new life, watch the amazing rescue

12-23-2014 6-20-02 PM

As always, Hope for paws, the non-profit organization for rescuing abandoned animals, amaze us with their adorable and touching rescue missions, this time it’s the story of rescuing Savannah, and her situation is not good at all.

When Hope for Paws received a call about an injured and abandoned pit bull, the volunteers rushed there and started to secure the area because the dog kept running away from them, she was very scared. They found her again between the trees, the volunteer started to feed her some of delicious food to gain her trust, and that’s when they dragged her so they can put the Hope for Paws red leash on her neck. You will notice that Savannah ear’s was badly infected; they did their best to make her gain their trust by giving her lots of cuddles and hugs, the pit bull’s eyes was full of sadness. When Savannah the pit bull dog stood up, they noticed that she was injured.

When they went to the vet, they discovered a tumor in the dog’s ear; sadly, this tumor and her left eye had to be removed. It was the bath time, Savannah the pit bull dog was now all cleaned up. They did the surgery for her, her left eye was completely removed along with the large tumor in her left ear. After the surgery, her loving spirit was back; all she needed then was lots of love and caring, and the most important thing of all, a safe home. Now Savannah is an amazing pit bull dog who is playing and having fun, waiting for someone to adopt her.

Watch the story of savannah the pit bull dog and share her story between your family and friends, it will be amazing if you donate for Hope and Paws on www.hopeforpaws.org