After she was diagnosed with starving treatable cancer, Luna is in her new happy home, see the amazing transformation.

A love story between this cute cat and her dog friend, it's completely amazing.

This is the story of Luna. When you see Luna for the first time in this photo, you will be shocked, you will want to know the story of this sweet little one, you will want to know how she made it. Luna was found in the streets of Mexico, completely neglected and desperate. Her bones appeared from her own skin. Not so surprisingly, Luna has a cold hearted owner, she was very skinny and starving, she was in a serious and immediate need for help. A kindhearted photographer named Tracey Buyce found Luna, she decided to rescue this starving dog, her cold hearted owner agreed to give Luna to Tracey. It was time to help her and make the amazing transformation. The first thing they had to do was take Luna to the veterinarian to check and examine her. Sadly, she was diagnosed with starving and treatable cancer. You can see how deep and sad her eyes are; she is in real need for help.

The medical treatments for Luna the dog was very expensive, so they posted her photo on internet and social media website. When a woman saw her, she thought that she won’t really make it. As she said, there was a deep connection created between her and Luna the dog, at least she wanted to know the rest of the story, this woman decided later on to adopt Luna, she decided to give this little dog a sweet happy home.


Luna is now in perfect health, it was the time to travel to her new home and her new family. They were very happy with her, they took many family photos. Thankfully now, Luna is having the perfect family and the forever after safe home that she really deserves. It’s a very happy ending for Luna.