After that horrible terrorist attack, he tried to find kindness everywhere with his dog

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Some people show love, happiness, and kindness in several special ways, and the story of Bob Votruba is a proof that there is one million acts of love and one million acts of kindness. Mr. Bob Votruba is a father of three, owning a dog named Bogart.

It all started on April 16, 2007, especially when he heard about the terrorist shootings attack that killed 32 innocent people in Virginia. That accident leads to depression and shock; he went in a deep thinking about his whole world, his family, and his life.

He needs to give his life a meaning, he wants to know the reason of living, he wants to do something that will make a change in peoples lives before his, so it was the idea of “One Million Acts of Kindness” an organization that wants to create a generation based on love and kindness, and the concept was very simple; it is to do a one million act of kindness in your lifetime. This will definitely change you, inspire you, and also make your life full of love; not just that, you will inspire lots of people around you, they will know that there is lots of love remains in the world for people to give.

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The idea was set with a simple Facebook page, Bob said on it that his wish that every person can dedicate his life for kindness, love, and charity. Bob also bought a bus, painted all the bus and filled it with hope quotations and sayings that will help people to understand the idea and work with it, and who is helping him? His favorite friend…Bogart the dog, they share love together with people, sharing smiles and hopes, and those acts of kindness.

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It’s an amazing video, don’t forget to share it and invite people to this kindness challenge.