After the babies were stuck in a pipe, she saved them perfectly, this is what motherhood is

Dog Saves Puppies

Lots of stories show the bond between dogs and their own puppies, and this is one of them, saving a life is the most precious thing ever, what about eight lives? The place is in Turkey, the date was June 7, that was when this story of survival happened, it started when the firefighter man, Erhan Erol, saw the puppies trapped in a drainage canal near the Bodrum town. It’s a very terrifying situation and hard to handle because they are about to drown, he tried to save and reach them by a narrow loophole, but he couldn’t. He saw the black dog suckling a puppy so he understood that she is the mother, so the fire fighter man called the black dog for help. He was sure that she is the only one who could save her new born babies, because she is a mother.


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She joined the rescue team and saved all the puppies, she saved everyone, she saved one by one, all of them are in a safe place now, with their mother, and she is a real hero. One of the firefighter said that this is what motherhood is. We hope that they helped her after that and took her to a safe shelter to be taken care of them and provide medical treatments that she needs for her and her newborns.

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It’s amazing to watch those amazing rescues of dogs, Watch this video of a dog that is swept away by the mudslide but thankfully she was saved in the end.