After The Devastating Fire, He Found Three Dogs Near Neighbor’s House Doing Something Unexpected


It’s an amazing story that shows how loyal and kind dogs really are. In Boise resident, a man named Louis Armstrong was making a trip to Kamiah, he was checking out his family’s property after a fire swept the area that his house already in, it was reported that about 42 homes had destroyed 300 acres. When he reached there, he found that the house is in a good situation, but the property and forest that surrounded his home was horribly damaged.

The man started to explore the surrounding area around his house, and suddenly he saw something unexpected yet heartbreaking. He found three dogs, a mother and her young puppies were sitting behind the neighbors’ house, they were standing together in a normal way, but when he came closer he was totally shocked by what he found, and he found the three dogs sitting around a fawn that died in the fire, protecting her.Louis Armstrong told the news about what the dogs were doing, they were trying to protect the little animal and now they are protecting her body. The man started to take some photos of the dogs and the fawn; he described it as a sad and heartbreaking scene.

He posted these photos on Facebook, he said that these photos were very touching; it’s very heartbreaking to see the Kamiah area destroyed like this! He said that the dogs were sitting there for hours, they didn’t leave the fawn and when someone came near her, they start to bark, but at the same time, the dogs are very kind and nice to people.

He added that the dogs stayed like this till the sunset! It was guessed that the dogs are doing what they are trained to do as working dogs, to watch out animals and their babies and protect them; theybelieve that this fawn was a part of their herd.