After The Tragic Death Of This Officer, His Wife And His Dog Honored Him In The Most Amazing Way


It’s a very heartbreaking story that shows how loyal dogs are. It all started when Lt. Eric Eslary had passed away this year on May 5th, his death story was heart wrenching, when a drunk driver hit him by his car while he was driving on the wrong side of the road.


His dog Blek was with him at the night of the accident, Blek also was injured, but despite all his painful injuries, he stood there guarding his owner, but sadly what Blekdid didn’t stop his friend’s death, as his owner died after he went to the hospital.


Blek stayed in the hospital because of his injuries, and after two weeks, he recovered. Blek went back to his home, for Mary Beth, Eric’s wife, and for his 3 children. Mary was so welcoming for him, how can’t she? Isn’t he the dog that refused to leave the side of her husband despite the pain he was in? She said that she is honored now to take care of Blek, she said that she really needs him, and also the kids.


Blekis loving, caring, and loyal, he is also so protective, she said that Blek is part of the family, and the family really needs him, he is a special part of it.


A way to honor Eric Eslary, the photographer Christy Boyd made a special photoshoot for the family in loving memory of Eric Eslary. The photos were so touching that they will bring tears to your eyes.


The photos showed how strong the bond is between the family and their loyal dog, the photos are telling an amazing story of this family. It’s a great way to honor the owner, Eric Eslary.


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