After this Boston terrier received this message, he decided to make this girl’s wish come true.

12-15-2014 4-34-51 PM

This video is very touching, I am really amazed by how dogs got the ability to help people and heal their pain, and this is what that dog had done. Meet Chopper the Boston terrier dog who decided to make a change in this girl’s life. Chopper the dog has his own Facebook page, so one day he receiveded a private message on his Facebook page. The message was from a girl named Carae, she said that her twin sister is about to have a heart surgery on the 23rd of this month, all that Carae wants is a visit from Chooper, she wants him to go and visit her sister. As she said that she will love it if he could go and see her, it will make her happy. So the dog of the hard missions, Chopper the Boston terrier dog, decided to go and visit Carae’s sister, and let me tell you, it’s the best thing that he ever did.

Chopper the Boston terrier dog is an amazing therapy dog, he entered the hospital on an electric scooter, everyone in the hospital was amazed, and when he entered to see Carae’s sister Sonya, all the people who were in the room with her were happy, this video is all about smiles and joy. I am completely amazed, he removed Sonya’s pain. That moment was touching and incredible, Chopper kept on cuddling with her and gave her unlimited kisses, how cute and touching is that? Chopper the Boston terrier is the kindest dog I’ve ever seen in my life. I am glade that the happiness and hope are shown again in Sonya’s eyes, because of Chopper the Boston terrier dog. This video is the most wonderful and touching thing to see today, so please share this incredible moments with your friends and family.