After this injured dog was nearly killed, a volunteer changed his life.

After this injured dog was nearly killed, a volunteer changed his life.

It’s a very heartbreaking story of a dog who was about to die. Pirate is a street dog who was almost killed in a car accident in September, a car had hit him and left him injured badly, his condition was very horrible. Sadly, his leg had been severed at the thigh and it was bleeding, and his left eye was ruptured and also bleeding. The only solution was to bring the injured dog into an urgent surgery. They amputated his leg and removed his left eye. The injured dog stayed in the shelter for recovery, and what happened next was the most amazing happy ending of all. During Pirate’s recovery, Animal’s Aid India volunteer Tappu, fell in love quickly with Pirate, she was caring for him during his recovery time. So she decided that she will adopt him, she decided to give this stray dog a safe home to live in, forever.

Pirate is a strong dog, he is smart and intelligent, Tappu had taken him to her home and he fulfilled her life with joy and love. In the video, you will see how Pirate is enjoying his time at Tappu’s home, playing with her friends. He is also making good friendship with other dogs surrounding him. It’s very heartwarming when you see how Pirate is playing with his dog friends. Tappu gave Pirate all the love he needs, he just needed to feel safe, Pirate will gave her his loyalty and love as a reward.

The video was uploaded and created by Animal’s Aid India, which is one of the most leading centers for animals rescue in India; they are helping and rescuing more than 4000 animal per year. Watch the rescue of Pirate, you too can help them; it will be amazing if you share this amazing story of Pirate.