After those 2 lion brothers were rescued, see the amazing reunion.

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Of course, circuses are a way to have fun, but did you ask yourself how they train those animals to act like that? To force the animals to act like that, many circuses use physical abuse, intimidation, and this is what happened for those two lovely brothers Pancho and Temuco, they were saved from their former life as circus performers, Animal Defenders International, the organization who saved them from Bolivia in the largest evacuation mission of circus animals, says that these animals are now living happily and playing, cuddling and nuzzling each other.

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They are the wildest animal in the zoo, so he is the king, but when you see them and how they act towards each other, you can feel the happiness of the two brothers for being outside the cage as they were living in tiny cages. Once they arrived in the sanctuary, they left in 15,000 square-foot to be able to live freely and walk around without any ropes or attachments and of course, there is nothing like the taste of freedom, you can estimate how they suffer to act in the circus, also to know that the relationship between animals is so strong especially when we come to speak about affection. If you know animals suffering like Pancho and Temuco, please don’t hesitate to call the authorities to save those spirits as they can talk or even express their emotion.

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I really liked the way they are playing, Pat Craig the executive director of The Wild Animal Sanctuary said that they are really looking forward to seeing this new couple of lions being released into their new home. They have made amazing steps in their recovery, and being able to see these lions running without any obstacles, outside of their imagination, for the first time in their lives will be incredible!” They are the cutest thing I saw today.