After Watching Numerous People Jumping Off The Cliff, This Dog Did The Unexpected!

When I watched this video for the first time, I’ve never expected this to happen. In Malta, this cute dog finds it an amazing chance to try cliff jumping. Lots of people were enjoying their time jumping off the cliff, it’s an awesome feeling. You will find the dog in the start of the video, he kept on watching the people jumping, so why not to try it?Surprisingly, the dog jumped off the cliff, and enjoyed swimming with the tourists down there; it seems that he is enjoying it. Despite his short limbs, this dog made it, he swam perfectly.

8-4-2015 12-21-27 AM

Some people think it’s normal, all dogs love to swim, but actually it’s not true. Not all dogs are ok with swimming, they sometimes get scared from water, and sometimes their owners have to teach them how to do so, and in this case, I think they have to be patient with their dogs. A lot of people put their dogs into the pool, and they think it’s the right way to make them learn, but it actually isn’t, they have to help their dog and train it, because most owners think that swimming is a natural act.

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The first mistake they are doing here is that they put the dog in a crowded place; a place full of people which is not a suitable place to learn. It has to be a wide and calm space. Be prepared before teaching your dog how to swim, some toys and treats will be enough. You have to make your dog used to water, and you have to be with him, picking him up with your arms, till you feel it’s possible to leave him. Teaching a dog how to swim is the same if you are teaching a baby.

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Now teach your dog how to swim, and take him on a trip like this.