Agnes the bulldog puppy is enjoying getting rubbed with the utility brush.


It couldn’t have gotten any cuter than this; this cute bulldog puppy will blow your mind with her overloaded cuteness. This bulldog puppy is named Agnes, and she is falling in love with the utility brush, Agnes the bulldog is enjoying being rubbed with it. When the owner of Agnes bought this utility brush he started to joke with his bulldog puppy, the owner started to tickle her and rub her belly with the brush. It seems that the little bulldog puppy had enjoyed the new game. This bulldog puppy is the cutest ever. Thank you Agnes, you just made our day better. Watch this incredible video below, and share it with your family and friends.

I love bulldogs; they are one of the most amazing breeds. Bulldogs are well-known with the sweetest and gentle dogs, and it’s completely true, they are kind and loving. They are the best companions; their normal weight is about 40 to 50 pounds, with a life span from 8 to 12 years old. A Bulldog is known for how much he loves kids, also they are known for their laziness, which makes it very important to exercise them daily to keep them fit. A Bulldog is very sensitive during cold weather, and also hot weather, so if you noticed that your dog is getting tired or overheated, take him home immediately. And always offer them a good weather in your home. You have to care about your bulldog’s food, and what he is eating, you have to know that if they got the chance to eat more, they will, that’s why gaining weight is very easy for bulldogs so you have to take care of it. So the best amount for daily food for the bulldog is from 1/2 to 2 cups daily divided on two meals, this amount will be healthy for them.