All the dogs are happy after they get saved. Except this one, he is a little bit happier than any other dog.

9-13-2014 2-04-06 PM

Every dog deserves a safe home, a loving owner, and happiness. Those animals are facing lots of troubles because of humans’ selfishness.

In Tennessee, more than 120 dogs have been saved by the human society of America from a horrible puppy mill. No one and no words can even describe the painful and awful conditions they were in, but now they are placed in a clean and neat place, they are safe enough and happy; having all the care they need to be healthy and good.

But the story can’t be told as normal as a normal story, because there is an abnormal dog here, you won’t believe what he is doing. This dog can’t do anything but dance around from happiness; he is impressive in every single way. And he couldn’t be more joyful.

The human society of America is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization in the country; they help animals in need and also helping to set better laws to protect animal’s rights, and providing emergency actions and health care. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the help they offered for those innocent animals.

Everyone here needs happiness. The only thing that these dogs need for now is a home and a kind owner to take good care of them and give them the love they need. We hope for them a happy and great future.


You also can help more animals in need, you can be their hero, by volunteering or donating on www.humansocity.org , and remember, there are still thousands of abandoned animals still waiting for help. Watch this amazing rescue and share it with your family and friends