An Amazing live show performed by 16 real talented golden retrievers!

08-02-2016 06-07-16 م

Golden retrievers are in fact one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are intelligent and clever, besides their amazingly cute personalities. They would do anything to satisfy and amuse humans!
The video below seems to be the perfect video for the best of the best golden retrievers. These talented and obedient 16 pups are just smart and very well-trained. It is also very obvious they love to show their amazing talents to the world, whenever they get their favorite treats!

08-02-2016 06-07-51 م
The 16 pups more in union and precision displaying amazing tricks.  Despite the few hiccups; they performed great and completely succeeded in showing their talent to the world and how clever and smart they are.  This kind of show can sometimes intimidate animals; performing to a stadium audience, surrounded by hundreds of people, and loud music playing in the background!

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The talented retrievers have also shown how they strongly bonded with their owners, and how they really love them. With persist control on their desire to spring back to their owners, they must have been well-trained to stay put! Luckily for the smart pups, even when they mess up, their humans keep coming back and reward them with their favorite treats!

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