Amazing people doing their best to save ducks, incredible.

12-16-2014 11-45-18 AM

Kindness is a very amazing act; it makes the world looks better and precious. Here in this video, you are about to meet the kindest people alive on earth. This video was created by an animals’ organization in Australia, it shows how awesome people can be with an act of kindness, and endless human’s love for animals. If everyone did this for animals, the world would be a better place.

The video starts with that man trying to reach the bottom of a cesspit, trying to save a little duck from sinking, and he did it, he did save the little duck perfectly, this man is a real hero, it’s very touching to see the little duck walked freely and happily like this. Without the help of anyone, ducks needed to pass the street in 0:43, they are crossing the street in a complete row, all the cars completely stopped till all the ducks crossed the street; it couldn’t be more awesome than this, could it? The second scene was about the same idea, but this time a man felt that it’s a little bit hard on the duck to pass, so he stepped out of his car and guided the duck till it crossed the street safely, but cars stopped when it needed to. The next scene is adorable, in 1:17; a police man stopped his car to help the ducks pass, not just that, he stopped all the cars in the same street, till all of them had passed, this video is very heart warming. Also the music was very touching, I am thankful that there is such a kind human being like those in the video. After watching this, I am completely speechless. But in the end of the video there is an important message, to not shoot ducks for fun, we want wildlife to be safe, not shot. If this video made you smile, share this, because being kind is really an awesome thing.