Among all dog breeds, these 10 are the healthiest


Of course, we cannot predict which dogs can be the healthiest, or live the longest, but certain breeds of dogs are just known to be less prone to skin and coats conditions, bone injuries, and genetic diseases. Read this exclusive list to find what the top ten healthiest dog breeds are. In addition, you can get some helpful hints for keeping a healthy dog.


Australian Cattle Dog


Although there is no certain way to determine which dog breed is the healthiest, working breeds such as Australian Cattle Dogs are among those that have the least number of issues related to health.

“In my experience, working dog breeds tend to be the healthiest” said Dr. Jennifer Coats, veterinary advisor and DVM in Fort Collins, Colorado. ”Unluckily, there is no hard data to catch a scientific answer” she added.

Australian Cattle Dogs are one of the most perfect working dog breeds because they are intelligent, have problem-solving skills, and have a lifespan of about 10-13 years. In addition to the ability to herd cattle, they are energetic, making them the ideal family dogs.  This breed’s major health concerns are deafness, elbow dysplasia, and dysplasia.