An Abandoned Dog Led Them To What Makes Them Shocked!

The dog who led the passerby to a bin of ten sick new born puppies with their mother, has been named “HERO”.

This sweet abandoned dog used his non-stop bark to get the passerby’s attention to a dog and her 10 little sick puppies and thanks to his determined barks, the dog and her little puppies are saved.

Marina Tarashevsce, an animal rescuer with Dallas Dogrrr – Rescue, Rehab, Reform, spoke to Anna Kooiman on “Fox and Friends Weekend” about how Hero saved the day.

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“When I got there in the evening, Hero was barking really loudly,” Tarashevsce said. “And it wasn’t just a regular bark. He just wouldn’t stop and it sounded like he was in distress of some sort.” “I had suspected that [Mona was] pregnant, so that’s why I followed him. I still can’t believe it, that he actually led me to the puppies. But I’m so thankful because we wouldn’t have found them otherwise.”

Tarashevce said that she was with a dog behaviorist, John Miller, who right away knew that HERO wants to lead them to a place where something important is happening. So, they followed HERO and once they got closer to him, he would go further away and keep barking as he is telling them “Keep coming this way” .

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He took them right  to the place where the puppies stayed. He led them to a creek near the woods, and they started hearing little yelping from the puppies and that was the way they found the little puppies”.


HERO is a real hero because he played the key role in rescuing the 10 lives. Share this story with your friends if you want to honor HERO!