An abandoned pit bull dog was moments away from death, what happened next is a MIRACLE


The misery, pain and callousness inflicted by humans are more than can be understood by most people. It’s accepted that many people do not like animals or dogs or pit bulls in particular. However, the heartless manner in which a dying animal is tossed away like garbage is not only reprehensible but the increase that we have seen indicates a downward spiral of compassion, moral fiber and ethics.



Authorities believe that in 2011, a New Jersey woman wrapped her one-year-old Pit Bull in a plastic bag and threw him down a garbage chute into the trash compactor ALIVE! By the time rescuers found him, he was near death. In fact, it was astonishing that he was still breathing. The dog was a skeleton, his emaciated, corpse-like body shriveled and lifeless. The dog had moved just enough for a maintenance worker to notice the bag moving and save him.


Patrick was soon moved to a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital, where he received a blood transfusion and other treatment. His condition is reportedly improving. Kisha Curtis, 27, the woman identified as his owner at the time of his abuse, has been charged with two counts of tormenting and torturing a living creature by failing to provide sustenance and two counts of abandonment, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. She has pleaded not guilty to the cruelty charges and maintains she didn’t throw Patrick down the garbage chute, but has reportedly admitted that she failed to provide proper care for the year-old dog, New Jersey Newsroom reported.




One animal lover, Rachel Wolf, launched a website called PatricksLaw.com, to urge supporters to “encourage and pressure your elected officials to support Patrick’s Law™, so all animal abuse will be treated as a felony with lengthy prison terms and hefty fines imposed as punishment. The dog has since miraculously made a full recovery while now weighing a remarkable 50lbs after he was discovered moments before the trash compactor would have killed him. After the court decision today, Patrick will live permanently with his new owners: the Scavelli family. Dr and Mrs Scavelli run the Tinton Falls veterinary facility where the dog was first treated and are responsible for saving his life