An actual half Bulldog, see his medical deformities and how his life is going.


Half a Bulldog, twice the love!

Ever seen half a dog? Well, probably not, but you’re about to seen one. You will now meet Bonsai, the half Bulldog everyone has been talking about. An Animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas, has recently received a call from a dog breeder in Arkansas telling them that he has a dog that needs immediate medical attention, the dog was 3.5 weeks old, and he was born with multiple distortions. The rescue organization instantly hit the road, and they got the dog, and went to a vet. When they did, they discovered that the adorable Bulldog had caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis, and Spina bifida. In other words, he is born with half a spine, no pelvis, and tiny, not functional hind legs, and he was also diagnosed with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome.


The bulldog’s rescuers named him Bonsai, and he is just adorable despite all the deformations he has. Due to his conditions, the Bulldog had to have his hind legs amputated, after a month since he was rescued. The rescue organization also made him a Facebook Page to raise awareness for the other medical treatments he will need, and to also document his progress. Bonsai sometimes takes over that Facebook page to share his thoughts with us, and it’s pretty adorable.


How weird and unique Bonsai is? I definitely wouldn’t mind having him over for a day, a week, a lifetime maybe. I’m so thankful that he is in good hands, and I hope that he would get all the medical treatments he will need so he would never have health issues. We have for you an adorable video for Bonsai below; he is playing and being happier than ever. Don’t also forget to share the story with your family and friends, their hearts will melt.