An adorable Pit Bull Jumps Into The Pool With A Disabled Bulldog Puppy. Then? I’m surprised

Bonsai is a disabled bulldog fighting his disability. He was afflicted with caudal regression and sacrocaudal dysgenesis, likely combined with a variation of spina bifida. Bonsai had survived a bilateral amputation of his rear legs. He’s such an amazing brave dog who went through so much. Bonsai is now on his way to healing and soon enough he’ll be just fine. He was currently a resident at Friends Of Emma. While there, he became friends with Ransom.


Ransom is a Pit bull who was born with short tendons. He was found in Houston, cruelly thrown in a trash can by his owner when he was just five-weeks-old. What has happened to humanity?!

Now Bonsai is almost healed and doing well, his caretakers decided to let him enjoy some fun in a small pool. They put him in a pet life jacket and let him play and splash in the water. And it seems that Ransom has become Bonsai’s personal lifeguard and swim coach. Together they played as if they were the best of friends. They got on along together so well.

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It’s such a heart melting sight. The two cute dogs, disabled, yet swimming together and having so much fun. This only proves that pitbulls have been stereotyped for years to be violent and ferocious creatures, while in fact, they are gentle and loving animals. Pitbulls have always been associated with fights and violence, just because they are big and strong dogs. It also shows that when there’s a will, there’s a way and that happiness is truly a choice. And no matter how many obstacles are placed in our way, we could always overcome them and be happy no matter what.

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