An Adorable transformation changed the life of Ellen the dog, see the full story


We heard a lot about stories of animal abusing and survival, and here is one of these incredible stories. When you know the real story, your heart will start aching, but it warms your heart when you read the happy ending.

Ellen, she is a beautiful dog who had a very hard time in her life. When the rescuers found her, they couldn’t recognize her face or gender from the hair that was covering her; they didn’t know where her back and where her front side is, they couldn’t see her face, it was so horrible.

They brought her a treat to help them see from which side she will take it to recognize the place of her face, lots of flies and worms where around Ellen inside her over-growing fur, and even her tiny legs where hidden in that knotted fur. Her fur was never shaved.

They entered the shelter and the groomer came to help her, to cut all the fur she was caged in, she was looking at him with her beautiful hidden eyes as if she wants to kiss him and thank him for moving all of this away. All her past had been shaved away; she was feeling like she got another chance to live again. The most horrible thing is that the hair that had been cut from her body was about 2 pounds, after that she started her physical therapy to relive joints and muscles which were affected by the weight they are holding.

Ellen gained her confidence once again; she seemed to be happy after all what she had been through. Her story had been told and now she is ready for adoption, she received about 200 applications, but it’s Ellen’s choice after all. When an adopter came to the shelter for a visit with her dog Linus, Ellen’s eyes sparkled and ran towards him. It was amazing. That’s what we call love at first sight, it was amazing that she finally chose a family, she deserves this happy ending. Don’t forget to share this amazing story with your friends.