An amazing ceremony to honor the search and rescue dogs, after 10 years of the terrorist attacks.

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No one ever could forget the incidence of 9/11 and the world trade center attack, more than 2000 people died in that terrorist accident, but at the same time, the search and rescue dogs had an important role in saving hundreds of lives. More than 300 dogs were helping to rescue lives and most of them succumbed in to old age.

In 11 September 2011, and after ten years from the accident, the search and rescue dog community set up an event to honor all the dogs that helped in rescuing of the attacks, this is their legacy. The ceremony was held at the Liberty Park across the Hudson River at New York City.

One of the supporters of the community was behind the idea of the ceremony, she said that rescuer dogs hadn’t any kind of honors since then, there isn’t any national event was held for them, they didn’t get any recognition for what they did, but dogs did all this not for rewards or honors, they did it because that’s who they are and that’s what they do.

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Lots of flags, lots of dogs, lots of breeds, lots of people, and lots of framed photos for dogs who wasn’t in the ceremony because they died. It was an unforgettable feeling for all the audience that saw the march of all the dogs on the arch, it’s the moment that you will see love, tears and emotions not just in people’s eyes, but also on dogs’ faces.


So whatever you are; an animal lover or not, you have to know that rescue dogs are making a difference in saving lives, every second. They make the difference between life and death.