An amazing Chihuahua puppy plays with huge Dane.


The Chihuahua puppy plays with a Great Dane is a very cute video clip.  To see the very small Chihuahua puppy with the enormous Great Dane is too funny!  The little Chihuahua puppy keeps trying to get Great Dane’s attention to play with him.  It is hilarious to watch!  The music is pretty great too!  Watch this video clip to see how the Chihuahua puppy plays with the Great Dane, also don’t forget to share it with your family and friends, it will make them feel joyful.


Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, but despite their size, they are the best of all, they are very energetic and playful. Chihuahua dogs are very heart catching and loyal and their personality is stunning. The country of this breed is Mexico, it was the first origin. Chihuahua weighs about 1.8 kg average, with a life span about 15 to 20 years average. Chihuahua is very social, and they are very good and loving with babies, well…maybe it’s because their sizes are a bit close. Chihuahuas can’t harm babies; there is already a strong bond between babies and dogs whatever their breed is. They are very cute and lovely, aren’t they?

The video was uploaded on YouTube by the owner of both Dane and the little Chihuahua puppy; it gained thousands of views, they were all amazed by how the Chihuahua puppy is in the rat size, she is so tiny. Also, it was shared thousands of times on social media websites and pets’ blogs. The Chihuahua puppy is so small and tiny, she is too adorable to resist.

Chihuahua Puppy & Dane