An amazing Fawn Rescue

Fawn Rescue

This incredible video is worth watching, it was really an amazing rescue for this deer. I am not sure which is more fascinating – the rescue or the doe’s reaction after her little fawn is rescued.  The rescuer helps the doe out by untangling him from an ironed fence he was caught in, the little fawn runs to his mother after being released.  The doe seems to stand there thanking the rescuer.  She does not run away immediately as a deer would normally do.  Instead, she just stands there; it is pretty incredible to see.  Watch the video and see what you think. The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge success especially after it was shared on social media websites and pets’ blogs. The man was a real hero; this made the video cross 1.9 million views. So join the rush and share the video of this amazing rescue between your family and friends.


Deer are very beautiful animals which are illegal to keep in home as pets; they have to live in a wide open space. Deer weights start from 30 to 300 kg, you will be amazed when you know that the largest deer ever was about 431 kg. Deer also are perfect at swimming, and they are very fast, their speed can reach about 30 mph. Deer feed mostly on herbs and grass but when nuts are available they eat them, also fruits are a good meal for deer if they fallen from a tree, but for fawns they only feed on milk.