An amazing reunion between a cat and his dog friend.


I love those videos between cats and dogs; it’s a very special bond between both of them that amazed us every time. Camila, the Labrador dog, and Tobias, the kitten, met after being apart for a period of time.  The Labrador dog waits patiently for the owners to get home.  When Camila, the lab, sees the car arrive, she gets very excited.  She runs over to the owners who have Tobias, the kitten, in a crate.  Tobias has been away for a little while but Camila is so happy to see him. This amazing cat was very sick and she was only having a 20% chance to live, but he was brave and courage, he made it and now he is healthy and strong. The Labrador and the kitten sniff and greet each other, it’s like they miss each other, and the music attached to the video is very amazing, it will make you feel joyful and happy. It’s Very cute!  Watch this video to see the interactions of a Labrador, Camila, and her Kitten, Tobias, as they are reunited after being apart.  Watch and see what happens in that amazing reunion.


After the video was uploaded on YouTube, it gained about 1.6 million views and thousands of shares in all social media websites and pets’ blogs. Don’t forget to share this amazing reunion. It’s amazing to see cat and a dog going on this strong friendship, it’s amazing to see them not chasing each other. They proves that cats and dogs are not enemies at all.