An amazing reunion between Anita and the wolves.

Reunion between Anita and the wolves

Those reunion videos are incredible and full of energy, they make us shed tears. This video is telling the story of Anita; she works in the polar zoo and hadn’t been there for 2 months. And this moment was recorded when she returned, Anita must be a very special person to have a pack of wolves welcome her into their territory.  They run to her, jump on her, and play with her for several minutes.  This is a definite must see video.  It shows how a person can make an impact on any animal if they are treated well and loved by that person.  It is a little funny towards the ending when the wolves lose interest and run off.


The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained so many views; it crossed about 5 million views and was shared thousands of times on the internet and social media websites. The weirdest thing ever in the video from the viewers’ point of view is why was Anita opening her mouth while the wolves are greeting her? But the fact behind this is that’s the way you are greeting wolf or interact with them is to open your mouth. Share it with your friends and family to see their opinion on the video.

If you don’t know much about wolves, here is the right place. Wolves live in North Africa and North America, they are very fast and furious animals, and their speed is about 50 to 60 kilos per hour which make them able to hunt perfectly. They weigh about 40 to 50 kilos average.